About Webstitch – web design services for small businesses

Webstich is a small web-design business, catering the needs of small enterprise in the local area. We offer flexible web design solutions to small businesses in the local area of Alsager, and a bit wider area of Staffordhisre and Cheshire.

A few words about myself. My name is Galina Smith, I am Russian by origin and a citizen of two countries. England is my home, Alsager is to be precise. I love everything digital (apps, games and websites) and the WordPress in particular due to its flexibility and ease of use. I  understand that not everybody shares my passion, hence I offer my expertise here to those who do (or who might soon).

I work full-time as web-officer at Keele University and I am very proud and happy to be part of the team there. We do a lot of exciting things in relation to the web design, development, support and social media.  Even though we do not use WordPress as an official CMS (content management system) at Keele, we do use it occasionally for projects.

Well enough said about myself, you can see more examples of my work here on the home page, and you can always give me a call or send a message if you have any more questions.